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 I want to monitor the personnel's driving and prevent accidents

 The Fleet is accumulating expense and I'm not sure why

 I want a full view of my vehicles/assets and see how they're being used

Have you ever faced problems In Fleet Management?



We have many solutions that can be integrated into your business. Check out our abounding lot of pre-existing solutions.

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Real-Time Tracking and Recording Data

Make fleet management easier and less stressful by recording all of your mobile assets and vehicles in real-time, and also view each vehicle's expenses and maintenance requirements. Have control over your fleet's access turn points and routes to minimize untimely accidents and mistakes

Our advanced analytics can auto-generate recorded information into charts and graphs for easy access reports. These reports will indicate the overall periods of harsh acceleration and harsh deceleration done by the drivers, as well as speed consistency and distance traveled with much more information.

Over 200+ Enterprise Projects

We've partnered with over 200+ different companies from all market sectors all around the country

We've tracked over a vast amount of valuable assets and thousands of vehicles

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Track Your Assets/Vehicle Anywhere & Anytime

Utilize our system to securely monitor your valuable assets and vehicles. Access it anywhere by using any device, e.g. mobile phones, laptops, and personal computers. If you are in an area that has poor internet signal, you may locate your vehicles vis SMS message, so that you can monitor whenever and wherever.


Check our multiple functionalities that can benefits business operations and improve fleets, mobile assets, internal functionalities, and even monitor & reduce expenses.